Business ethics

YS Collection Co., Ltd. strives to grow together with customers by considering customer value as a top priority.

We convey happiness to customers through fashion and keep them as the best brand, focusing on providing the best value that does not change over time.

In addition, we strive to comply with moral norms and contribute to the development of the social community through right values, honest behavior, and fair practice.

In order to build up our capacity for growth, we have established organizational capabilities and management capabilities.

We aim to be the center of the company, and we are a corporation that employees can satisfy themselves and reward and pride in, based on continuous value growth and respectful trust management.

Outside, companies that are oriented toward a flexible organizational culture by building relationships that help each other develop with mutual respect and mutual respect.

A company that builds trust between customers and businesses and creates greater happiness.

This is the future that YS Collection Co. will make.